Here are some things I've been fascinated by recently.

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Books I've Liked Lately

How Children Succeed

A fascinating overview of how childhood and education affects our later lives.

The Brain that Changes Itself

An amazing book that reveals how our brains change over time, and how we can change ourselves for the better.

Movies I've Liked Lately


A sweet story of a child who goes to live with his dad in a remote island village for the summer. Beautifully shot. Nice, simple slice of anthropology.

Being Elmo

This movie made me want to devote my life to making children happy.


A hilariously painful coming of age movie about an awkward boy and his turbulent love life.

Songs I Like That You May Not Know

In Pairs by Someone Still Loves Your Boris Yeltsin

I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why) by Jessica Lea Mayfield (originally by Alabama)

Shadow Visions by Shimmering Stars

Cayucas by Cayucos

Hide by Little May


Audio Dharma

A great podcast from the Insight Meditation Center in California.